Wednesdays at 1.30 – 2:15pm
Seven Sisters Ice Cream Farm, Knutsford, WA16 9ER

A fun and friendly activity class for babies and toddlers to come along with their parents, grandparents etc. Jabberjacks uses lots of fun props and puppetry characters to explore your child’s imagination which all come out of the treasure box!

Jabberjacks activity classes run weekly, during term time, delivering 45 minute educational sessions dedicated to exploring a child’s imagination and helping them grow in confidence.

Each class starts with a Jabberjacks Hello song and is then followed by lots of different activities which come out of the Jabberjacks Treasure Box. All of the activities are fun and the children love the anticipation of wondering what is coming out of the box each week.  It may be a puppet or sensory prop and all of the activities are generally delivered against a backdrop of music. Some stimulate physical activities with the children and lots of the props help the children to explore their ideas and in turn, develop their imagination and communication skills.

Jabberjacks offer a friendly and supportive environment where you get to spend quality time with your little one and make new friends along the way. A lot of the activities can be brought into the home and parents often find children delivering their own Jabberjacks class and singing the songs throughout the week. Click for more details

For all ages 10 months to 4 years
£6 per family
No booking required
Contact Emily on 07738199807 or email emily@jabberjacks.co.uk for more details.