We tried…Lifestyle Food Box’d

We’re always keen to support local businesses, so were really excited to hear about the launch of Lifestyle Food Box’d, a new Knutsford based food box service. We were asked to try out some of their meals, and were only too happy to oblige!


I’ve tried a couple of food subscription boxes before, and was interested to hear that Lifestyle Food Box’d offers something a bit different. Rather than receiving a box of raw ingredients to cook from scratch, the meals arrive with the components fully prepared and partly precooked, with minimal effort and skill needed to complete them. All the meals are ready in less than 20 mintues, some even quicker.

Despite this convenience, the food bears no relation to a standard ready meal. It is all prepared by experienced chef David Bell, who has learned his trade in Michelin kitchens. A great deal of thought goes into making sure the meals are balanced but delicious. Meat is marinated for up to 24 hours, seared to seal in the flavours and cooked in a water bath. Fish is fresh from local markets, and much love goes into their great range of vegetarian dishes too. David came up with the idea for Lifestyle Food Box’d whilst working away, as his wife Danielle was struggling to eat well whilst holding down the fort with their three children.


Chef David with his wife and three children

So..what did we make of our food box? We chose two meals from their menu (which is updated weekly): grilled lean lamb leg with caramelised onion wild rice pilaf and pistachios, and honey and soy glazed chicken with sticky rice and fresh chilli mango slaw.

The food box was delivered to our door (delivery is free, and covers Knutsford and the surrounding areas including Alderley Edge, Wilmslow, Holmes Chapel, parts of Altrincham and parts of Northwich; check their delivery map here). It arrived with the separate components for each meal and handy recipe cards with clear instructions in the form of a timeline. Each meal had a use by date; ours were both in five days’ time which gave plenty of flexibility for when we used them.


Grilled lamb leg components and recipe

The “cooking” part was extremely simple, with just a few steps as easy as placing the meat on a baking tray in the oven, or heating the sauce in a pan. The meals can take up to 20 minutes from box to plate (ours were just 10 and 15 minutes), but the time actually spent doing something was much less. Most of the time was waiting (and enjoying a glass of wine!)


Grilled lean lamb leg with caramelised onion wild rice pilaf and pistachios

Both meals were totally delicious. The meat was succulent and tasty, and the sauces were absolutely amazing! It was such a treat to have food of the same quality as a great restaurant, but prepared in minutes in our own home, with little effort and little clearing up! I loved the fact that the meals were balanced and healthy too, without compromising on flavour in any way.


Honey and soy glazed chicken with sticky rice and fresh chilli mango slaw

Lifestyle Food Box’d meals are a great idea for anyone who’s very busy and finds themselves with little time to cook.  They could work as a regular thing (they offer a subscription service with discounts available for regular deliveries) or as a one off or for shorter periods when you know you are going to struggle such as a partner working away, or when a new baby arrives (their vouchers would make a great gift for new parents!!) Even for those who generally can find time to cook, it would be a treat to have a night off once or twice a week, or to use these as a healthier (and tastier!) alternative to a regular takeaway night!

Use code KNUTTYMUMS5 to receive £5 off your order, valid until the end of the school holidays!

For more details and to order please visit Lifestyle Food Box’d’s website.

Knutty Mums was gifted the food box in exchange for an honest review

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