We met with….Anna Shaw

Anna Shaw is a stylist to the stars, but is on a mission to make her services available to every woman. She splits her time between London and Knutsford, and is particularly passionate about helping mums feel fabulous! I couldn’t wait to meet her to find out more….

Tell me a bit about your background and how you became a stylist

I started work as a TV producer in the fashion industry, putting together content for the likes of ASOS and Elle. I was booking stylists and soon realised that I could do the job myself! I’d always collected and sold vintage clothes and loved taking family and friends shopping. After I had my first child I had to work out how to dress for my new body shape, and also had a real revelation about how colours can impact the way you look and feel. I was tired and drawn, but wearing the right colours gave me such a boost! I’d trained in colours and dressing for your body shape when putting people on TV and thought…this should be applied to everyone, it makes such a difference! I still work with TV clients about 60% of the time but the rest is spent with anyone in need of a confidence boost or wardrobe refresh.

What’s your favourite part of your job?

It is the powerful impact that an image based confidence boost can give people. It goes far beyond what people are wearing; it’s an outside in process of self-care that is all about reconnecting with your sense of self and feeling fabulous. I just love working with mums; often they can feel like they’ve lost their sense of identity, they struggle with how to dress for their shape post children and have no time or energy to start to go shopping. I know – I’ve been there!! Or sometimes I work with mums who are going back to work, possibly feeling really nervous about it and I help them put together a new work wardrobe, which helps them go back with confidence! I’m also involved with a global cancer charity, Look Good Feel Better, working with men and women having treatment or post surgery, helping them feel more confident about their appearance.

What is The Body + Colour Code I’ve seen on your website?

This is a simple set of rules to help you look and feel amazing. It’s based on three elements: your body shape – what styles will best flatter your body, your colour palette – the colours which will make your complexion look its best, and your style identity – the style best suited to your taste, personality and lifestyle. Once you understand your code, shopping and picking outfits will become so much easier! You will quickly know what will make you look and feel amazing, eliminate items from your wardrobe and save money on shopping mistakes! You can work out your basic code by answering some questions on my website.

What services do you offer?

A colour consultation would always be my first suggestion to someone feeling like they need a helping hand. I really think having your colours done is so important – as much as getting your roots done! It will make buying clothes so much easier…clothes which make you look less tired and brighter, an instant game changer! I also offer a wardrobe consultation, where I’ll help you go through your entire wardrobe, working out what suits you, what needs to go, and reworking different outfits giving you lots of new ideas.  Then finally I offer personal styling sessions, usually after having looked at your wardrobe, where I’ll do lots of research about what’s in stores at the minute and we’ll do a shopping trip together, choosing pieces and equipping you with the skills you need for future. Or instead of the shopping trip I can just send you a shopping list of clothes for you to choose from online!

Anna Shaw 4.jpg
With my “Summer” colour wheel!

After our chat Anna kindly did a colour consultation for me, involving putting lots of drapes over me and looking at my complexion. It was amazing the difference putting different shades next to my face made to the colour of my skin, the circles under my eyes and how bright I looked! I then got a colour wheel showing all the colours best suited to me.

Anna was warm and friendly, and would be easy to chat to about any concerns or confidence issues. She was totally unphased by me having to breastfeed throughout the colour session (she says this happens a lot!). Click here to view Anna’s website, and take a look at some of her amazing testimonials below:


After the birth of my second child I think it’s fair to say I felt exhausted, bloated, mildly depressed and with zero confidence. My husband bought me a session with Anna to lift my spirits and wow, what a difference a day makes! Anna, thank you so much for your enthusiasm, attention to detail and for helping to cheer me up!  I really feel like a new person : )


My shopping experience with Anna was completely amazing. Her eye for clothes which would suit my shape and her commitment to searching through the rails to find the most stylish outfits meant I ended the day with an abundance of bags and a coordinated wardrobe. She was completely sensitive to my needs and supportive of the fact that I had just emerged into the world again after time in hospital. Anna made the day so fun and I can wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone looking for some support when faced with the daunting task of shopping!