We went to…Cockfields Farm

I first came across Cockfields Farm, near Oldham, due to the amazing events they put on each school holiday. When they invited us along to their Easter Wonderland event this week, I decided it was finally time to try it out! I was dubious as to whether it would be worth the journey (it’s about a 45 minute drive from Knutsford) but it really was. We had such a wonderful time!

Cockfields poster

We typically set off a bit later than intended so had lunch as soon as we arrived. The cafe had the usual choice of children’s meals…sausage or nuggets with chips and various combinations of lunch boxes. Then there was a good selection of salads, jacket potatoes and sandwiches for adults. Surprisingly there wasn’t much of a queue!

Next we went to explore and try some of the “events” which were scheduled for different times throughout the day. First up was reptile handling, where the kids got to hold and stroke a snake. Luckily my mum was with us to assist as I was definitely not going to be  the one helping my son to hold it!

Cockfields 1

We then headed to the bottle feeding session. All the children got their own bottle to give one of the baby goats, which meant they got a proper turn. I think I enjoyed it as much as they did! We then wandered around some of the animals, and even got a chance to hand feed some of them. There were meerkats, llamas, reindeer, goats, cows, pigs and guinea pigs to name but a few!

Cockfields 2

The next scheduled event turned out to be a surprising highlight of the day: The Suzie Scarecrow Show. The barn was set up with hay bales and scarecrows and Suzie got all the kids up dancing to different Easter/Spring songs before a kids versus adults quiz. Suzie was amazing and my 3 year old absolutely loved it! In fact he hasn’t stopped talking about it since; he’s been watching the video I took of him dancing over and over again! 

Cockfields 3

Next up we headed to the Easter Wonderland barn to find some eggs in the hay and then decorate a chocolate one with icing. As with everything else on the day it was all really well done; the decoration of the barn was superb and it was nice to have good quality chocolate too!

Cockfields 4

Needless to say, the egg was eaten immediately and fuelled my two for a long play in the playground and sandpit. They aren’t normally all that fussed on sandpits but they loved this one, which was wide and deep, with loads of buckets and spades to go round. It kept them busy for ages! There was even a cow to “milk” for water! 

Cockfields 6

Cockfields 8

They then had a play in a field with lots of ride on tractors and tunnels. It was great that there was so much space on the farm for them to run around. We finally headed to (yet another!) play area indoors with ride on cars and pretend shops while we had a cup of tea!

Cockfields 9

We spent almost 4 hours on the farm and still didn’t get round everything. Other scheduled activities included meeting the chicks and bathing a tortoise, and there was a jumping pillow outside which some of the older ones were really enjoying.

Cockfields 13

Everything about the Easter Wonderland was so well done and well organised. The effort they must put into these holiday events is huge! It looks like they have plenty happening in term time too.

Easter Wonderland is on at Cockfields Farm daily until Monday 22nd April. Click here for more details. Click here to view our Easter Holiday Guide for details on everything else happening nearby!

Knutty Mums was given free entry to Cockfields Farm in return for an honest review!