We went to…Extremescape

Having heard some amazing reviews about Extremescape, an escape room in Disley, some of my family and I (minus the littlies and a husband on babysitting duty) decided to try it out!!

Based in some farm buildings in the countryside towards Stockport, the setting isn’t the usual escape room location. We were greeted by Jess who runs the escape room with her partner Graham. Having played just 4 escape rooms themselves, they spent two whole years developing the first room, The Pirate Ship! Their second room was The Lost Tomb,  which we played, and they have very recently added a Viking one.

So…on to the room! For anyone who doesn’t know, when playing an escape room you are “trapped” in a room and have a set amount of time (here it was 90 minutes, often it’s just 60) to work out a series of puzzles which allow you to escape. They often rely on finding items in the room and solving clues to open locks to cupboards/boxes to find the next clue and so on. The rooms are usually themed and based on some sort of story.

In the Lost Tomb, we were adventurers trapped in an abandoned gold mine. Our initial aim was to find the stash of gold which would then enable us to access the tomb and then escape. What set this escape room apart from others we have done was the amazing theming of the rooms, and how hands on it all was. There were lots of contraptions which actually worked to reveal different clues (Crystal Maze style!) which really added to the game. It was such an immersive experience!

We were totally engrossed for the duration of the game, madly searching for clues, with a few surprises to make us jump (or scream in my case) thrown in along the way. I’d say it was spot on difficulty wise for our group; we had to have a couple of hints for things we’d missed, but nothing too major. We forgot to make a note of our time (!!) but it was around 65 minutes, which apparently was pretty good!!

Would we recommend it? Definitely!! It was such a good morning/afternoon out for friends or family with older children. They recommend from age 14 on the website but do say it’s up to your discretion if you want to take younger ones.

Click here to visit Extremescape’s website

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