We went to…Little World for Scholars


Little World for Scholars is a play centre in Altrincham which was set up by a mother and daughter team with experience in early years education. We’d heard great things since its opening a couple of months ago, so were very excited to try it out. We were certainly not disappointed!


We booked online to go to the 9:30 session one morning. There are 4 sessions a day, each lasting 1 hour and 15 minutes, and each one with limited numbers to ensure quality of play. Between each session everything is cleaned (a great bonus for anyone like me who dreads the germs at the usual soft play!!) and set up again so it’s all perfect for the next group.

When we arrived I was so impressed with how immaculate it all was, the quality of the toys and the amazing attention to detail.

There are several areas, which each allow the children to play at a different role. 


The teletubby-esque house (covered in artificial grass!) had a highchair and cot for a dolly, a toy kitchen with cupcakes in the oven and washing machine filled with real children’s clothes. They could then take the clothes out into the play garden and hang them on the line!


The builders zone had JCBs to ride on, hats and high-vis vests, various tools and a brick wall to continue building.


My favourite area was the vets with overalls to wear, toy animals to examine, stethoscope and other medical equipment and more!!


There was also a petrol station with cars, aeroplane to drive and supermarket. Plus a wall filled with a huge selection of fancy dress!


It really did appeal to different ages. My 18 month old loved trying on the different outfits and running round with the buggy, playing with the microwave and going on the plane. My 4 year old appreciated the actual scenarios. He was a postman delivering letters (each zone had a postbox with a number and there were letters you could deliver to the right address), then a builder completing the whole wall!! I can imagine some school age children would still really enjoy it here; I know I certainly would have aged 5 or 6.


The place is small, much smaller than your average play centre. But this is intentional, and part of why it’s such a good experience. Combined with the low numbers allowed, it meant you could sit in the cafe and relax/chat to a friend whilst being pretty much always able to see your children.

I chatted to one of the owners (the daughter of the mother daughter team I mentioned) and her passion for learning through play was really obvious. She has so many exciting ideas and future plans for the place!


We had a really fabulous morning at Little World for Scholars and wouldn’t hesitate to go back! It was all so clean and beautifully done and made a really welcome change to the usual play centre.

You can follow Little World for Scholars on Facebook or Instagram, and book a session online (for £6.25 per child) here.

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