We went to…Magical Woodland


Last week we were fortunate enough to be invited to the press night of Magical Woodland, an outdoor light and sound experience set in the woodland around Blakemere Village. My husband and I set off with our very excited 2 and 4 year olds, all full of anticipation about what was in store!


The experience is a self guided trail, which you can go round at your own pace. We were advised it would take about an hour but we were there much longer than this, soaking it all up (and going at little people’s walking speed!)


One of the things I loved was the fact that it was set in a “proper” woodland, which spans 15 acres. Wellies would be advisable (although the muddiest areas were covered with straw). It really made the experience so enchanting, as it felt like you were on a magical journey, going for a walk through the heart of a wood that happened to have spectacular lights everywhere!


The variety of different lights was staggering. There were fairy light tunnels, hanging lampshades, light tubes, light spheres, a laser show projected from the lake,  and so much more! Sometimes the lights were close by, above and around you and even underneath your feet. At other times they were spread out further into the distance, so it felt like you could see lights everywhere.


There were some other features along the way too, including a huge pendulum swing (metal globes swinging in cool patterns!), an interactive area where you could hit different things to make sounds, and some owls to meet!


In the centre there was a clearing with stalls selling drinks and food (of the burgers and chips variety). There was music playing and the atmosphere was great. You could even buy giant marshmallows to toast on a fire!


We all had a really fantastic evening at Magical Woodland. Even though it was past our kids’ bedtimes (though there are early evening slots available!) they were in great spirits, mesmorised by the myriad of lights round every corner. My husband and I were equally enthralled, and would love to go again in the future!

Magical Woodland is on every evening until 3rd November 2019. Click here to visit their website and book.  Make sure you’re following Knutty Mums on Facebook to stay up to date to everything happening for families nearby! You can also take a look at our half term guide:

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