We went to….Maryline’s Workshop for Mums

Many mums in Knutsford will know of Maryline from her pregnancy and mum and baby yoga sessions in Mobberley. When she invited me along to one of her new Saturday workshops for mums (with the promise of an afternoon spent relaxing and recharging) I was only too happy to oblige!!

Maryline yoga 4

The workshops are aimed at mums with children of any age, and each will involve yoga with Maryline as well as pilates with Laura (On the Mat Pilates) or Chrissie (Wild About Pilates), both of whom are registered physiotherapists. The two and a half hour sessions are run on Saturday afternoons  (next ones are 23rd March and 27th April) at the Rajar Centre in Mobberley. Maryline helpfully provided information for any partners/carers who wanted to wait in the building with babies who might need feeding during the session!

Maryline yoga 3

I arrived in a rush after a hectic morning with little ones, but soon left any stresses behind in the first hour of “restorative yoga and deep relaxation.” I nearly fell asleep on more than one occasion during the series of relaxed poses performed whilst supported by cushions! It really was bliss, listening to soothing music with Maryline’s calming voice talking us through the different movements.

Maryline yoga 2

The next part of the session was postnatal pilates with Chrissie, who briefly spoke to us about common issues faced by mums (lower back pain, weak pelvic floor, diastasis recti) and worked through some helpful exercises. We were given a gentle work out and taught how to engage our core and pelvic floor. She also offered to discuss individual issues including checking for diastasis recti (abdominal muscle split). Having experienced this myself and not having followed up after inital physio appointments, I was grateful to have this opportunity!

Maryline yoga 1

After a quick chat and some healthy snacks, we finished with some revitalising and stretching yoga with Maryline.

The workshop went really quickly, and I left feeling utterly relaxed and re-energised. It was wonderful to get some much needed time away from the busy-ness of life, whilst having a bit of a workout! Both Maryline and Chrissie were great teachers, and made the movements really easy to follow, even for a novice like me.

For more details of future workshops click here. Or to find out about Maryline’s regular mum and baby/tot classes click here.