We went to…Rhythm Time!

This post is sponsored by Rhythm Time Cheshire


Rhythm Time run music classes across Cheshire (and beyond), from newborn to preschool age.  I was recently invited to try one of their toddler sessions at Knutsford Sports Club with my nearly 2 year old daughter. I had actually done some of their classes a while ago with my son (before it clashed with his preschool). My daughter (a poor second child!) has hardly done any classes at all so I was really excited to see how she would take to Rhythm Time!

On arrival the children were presented with name labels (always a cause of excitement!) and we sat for the hello song, with all the children being greeted individually. It was a nice welcome to the class and good to feel that the teacher was getting to know each child!


The rest of the class was split into different activities each lasting 5 or so minutes and introducing (in a fun way!) different aspects of music. Across the term the aim is that children will explore pace, tone, rhythm and pitch, be encouraged to move to music, develop their listening skills and much more!


Probably my daughter’s favourite part of the session was playing with the percussion instruments. Every child was given a different one to play, and the grown ups tapped their child’s back to help with the rhythm. After a while the instruments were passed along to try a different one. She loved having a go with a triangle, drum and wooden frog (not sure of the technical term for this!) It was a great introduction to tapping along to the beat. They were also encouraged (with varying success!) to stop playing during a pause and to play loudly and softly at different points.


Some of the session was more physical, which is great for (the many!) children who wouldn’t want to sit still for the whole session. They were encouraged to dance along to the music, including shaking pom poms and also doing the Hokey Cokey (a workout for the parents throwing the kids in the air!) We also sang some well known songs with movement such as Row Row Row your Boat and Horsey Horsey Don’t you Stop, with lots of laughs as they were bumped up and down!

Part of the class was designed to improve the children’s listening skills, with them sitting at the front with the teacher and Rat-a-Tat the bunny (a puppet)! They were encouraged to listen to some sounds such as water being poured and splashed.


At the end there was even a chance for the children to have a go at repeating a rhythm into the microphone. Some were too shy but were helped by their grown ups. However I am sure they will grow in confidence as the term goes on; I remember how excited and proud my son was the first time he found the courage to go up to sing into the microphone after several sessions of not doing so! My more confident daughter was happy enough to have a go (though didn’t make a sound!)


We both really really loved the class, so much so that we’ve booked on to go for the rest of the term.  It was varied enough to keep my daughter’s attention really well, even though she was probably one of the younger ones there, and she was was totally absorbed in every part of it. Each week has a similar structure with some repeated songs, which is perfect for this age group who learn by repetition. I loved that there was a clear emphasis on development and it was a great introduction to music,  whilst being really fun!

There are lots of Rhythm Time classes happening across Cheshire, including several baby, toddler and preschool sessions in Knutsford on Wednesdays and Fridays. There are also some new young baby classes (age 0-6months) starting soon in Wilmslow and Prestbury! Click here to find a class.

This post is sponsored by Rhythm Time Cheshire. Knutty Mums was given the trial session free of charge for review purposes.